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These are some of the reviews of my books that have been published.

  Major and Mynah. ‘A useful addition to both school and class libraries combining as it does inclusivity in content

  Major and Mynah. ‘I loved it. It was funny and easy to read with just enough of a mystery

  Major and Mynah. ‘Our booksellers are loving this heartwarming, inclusive and hilarious first instalment in a brand new mystery

  Major and Mynah. ‘A really empathetic story that Karen clearly needed to tell, and it shows.’ Writers on Reading

  Major and Mynah. ‘Loved this fast-paced story about best mates, spies and a crime-fighting mynah bird!’ Cathy Cassidy, author

  Major and Mynah. ‘Karen Owen is a skilled storyteller! A fun read full of heart with an intriguing mystery