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Major and Mynah book cover


(illustrated by Louise Forshaw)

Say hello to Callie, Bo, and Grace.

Callie and Grace are best friends. They love solving mysteries and together they belong to SPUD: the Super Perceptive Undercover Detectives. What Callie doesn’t love is wearing her new hearing aids. She calls them The Slugs. But all this changes when Bo comes into their lives.

Bo is an abandoned mynah bird. He’s cheeky, does great impressions, and is always hungry. Between them, the trio share a humungous secret… Callie and Bo can talk to each other via The Slugs.

Bo joins SPUD as the Spy in the Sky and soon the trio are on the tail of a mystery thief in a story about a lot of things that go missing. Includes high-speed chases and too much bird poo!

Published by Firefly Press.

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