Tomas by Sylvie Martin, aged 7

Tomas ran through the gigantic sunflowers, his hazel brown hair was behind him.  Then he saw a black rock that smelt like rotten eggs.  He looked up... and fainted.

SLAM! He woke up.  He was in an airtight jar which smelt of rotting jam.  “Let me out!” he shouted at the stop of his squeaky voice.

“No!  Ha ha ha!” shouted a man.  “You’re a great big jelly fish.”

Tomas saw there was cling film on the top of the jam jar.  He had a pin as a sword and split the cling film in two.  SLASH!

Tomas pushed a side of the jam jar and BANG!  It slammed to one side and he used it like a tent and he escaped.  “Yay!” said Tomas.

“I’ll get you!” said the man.

“I have to go,” said Tomas.

There was a chase, Tomas in front, the man behind.  The chase stopped and quick as a flash he grabbed a silver trumpet. He could see his reflection upside down.  It was as shiny as a window.  Suddenly, a venomous snake called a spitting cobra came out from the trumpet and said to him, “Duck!”

So Tomas ducked and the spitting cobra spat poison and the man was poisoned.