Back To School with Edgar and Ruby

Hands up if you like being noisy!  This was my opening line to Reception and nursery children at eight schools across South London.  Guess what... they might have been quiet at the beginning of our story time but they weren't by the end!

During our Noise Hunt, they were roaring lions, chanting chimpanzees, snapping crocodiles, and booming thunderstorms.

Then came fluttering butterflies, silent worms, slithering snakes, and sparkling rainbows. 

In my story, Edgar the elephant is SO noisy he has to go to Mouse School with his friend Ruby, the mouse, to learn to be as quiet as her. It wasn't as easy as it seemed - as the children found out when they had to take Mr Cheddar's Quiet Mouse Test! 

It was a lot of fun and the children I met were delightful. Thank you for inviting me!