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  Operation Raven. I’m constantly on the lookout for powerful stories with deaf/hoh characters for my grandson who is profoundly deaf (implanted). Like its predecessor,… Read More »‘Delights’


      Major and Mynah. ‘Sparky and fun’ One of best 30 kids’ books for summer. Marianne Levy in The Independent   Twitter Instagram Envelope

    ‘Top Summer Read’

        Major and Mynah. ‘An innovative, nuanced and fun-packed adventure, with accessible text, engaging black and white illustrations and a convincingly excitable narrative voice.’ The… Read More »‘Innovative’


          Major and Mynah. ‘A useful addition to both school and class libraries combining as it does inclusivity in content and accessibility in presentation.’ Just… Read More »‘Positive’


            Major and Mynah. ‘A really empathetic story that Karen clearly needed to tell, and it shows.’ Writers on Reading (podcast)   Twitter Instagram Envelope