Author visits 

Bringing a story alive is key to my visits to primary schools, libraries and festivals. My storytelling sessions are interactive and lively, with everyone taking part. This includes singing, role-play, and a healthy dollop of imagination. A typical workshop includes storytelling, a craft activity, a Q&A session, and a story challenge.  

As Quiet As A Mouse 

Interactive retelling of the story, which is about a noisy elephant who is desperate to be quiet so he enlists the help of a friendly mouse.  Also includes an arty crafty session - making finger mice and noisy elephant shakers - or a choice of noisy and quiet games, including Opposites, Sleeping Elephants, and Simile Search. Most suitable for Early Years - Y1

stream festivalI Could Be, You Could Be

Interactive retelling of the story, which is about two children and their imaginative adventures.  Also includes basic mask-making or the opportunity to write rhymes using the same structure as the book. Their rhymes can be as sensible or silly as they want! Most suitable for Early Years - Y2


Where do I find inspiration for story ideas? During this one-hour interactive workshop, I share my writing inspirations and go on a story hunt using pictures, music, and a range of interesting objects to stimulate the senses and imagination. By the end of the workshop, each child will have a notebook of ideas they can use for a story. Most suitable for Y2-Y6. 

Words and Pictures  

How are picture books made? During this 45-minute interactive presentation, I talk about the process from getting an idea for a story right through to the publisher printing a book. Also includes Q&A session. Most suitable for Y2-6.

A typical day can consist of three one-hour sessions or four shorter ones - each tailored to your needs. I charge the Society of Authors' recommended rate. Please email for more details, without obligation.

Downloadable flyers for author visits:

EYFS & KS1 KS1 & KS2
Key Stage 2 Flyer