At School with Maverick

Do you know how picture books are made?  As part of a World Book Week project, pupils at Brookfield Primary School in Cheam, Surrey, were set a challenge to find out - which was how I and my publisher, Maverick, came in.  

Maverick maestro Steve Bicknell talked about the partnership between an author and an illustrator and how they can make a picture book come alive. Then there are important roles played by the editor, the art director, the printers and the book binders, all of whom are vital to the words and pictures becoming a book.  

The second part of the children's challenge was to write and illustrate their own picture books, working in teams.  Finding ideas can be a tricky part of the writing process so we looked at my sources for ideas - pictures, music, objects - and played a game of What If...?   Lots of fun, plenty of imagination on show. They worked hard on their stories which were then published in a book - and I was delighted to write the foreward.