Timmy and the Giant by Maisie, age 7

Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Timmy.  He had shiny black hair and he was ten years old, no freckles, brown eyes and shimmering red lips.

     Timmy was on holiday.  He woke up in the morning and decided to explore.  So he went down the road.  He had no idea where he was going so he nearly crashed into a lamp post and he nearly got electrocuted but he didn’t.  When he looked up he found that he was in a place with mountains and lakes and one of the lakes was right in front of him.  He was scared of heights so he wasn’t going to go up the mountains.

     Suddenly, he saw something shimmering in the lake so he jumped in to see what it was.  He didn’t mind that he got wet but before he could reach the bottom he heard a rumbling sound so he went back up to see what it was.

     All he saw was lava and a giant.  “The mountain is erupting!” he said.  It was a volcano now!

     He thought of running away but instead he went up the erupting volcano.  The giant saw Timmy so they had a fight.  Timmy fought with a sword that he found in the lake floating down like a feather. An hour later, the fight was over!  Timmy won because the giant ran away but Timmy didn’t mind that the volcano was still erupting.  He ran back down the volcano to get the shimmering something in the lake.  He dived in and got the shimmering thing.  It was a magic bracelet and he knew it was magic because it was glowing.  It was heavy and purple.

     Timmy took the bracelet back up the path.  Even though the giant ran away he was still alive.  He was chasing Timmy but the bracelet was making a funny noise.  It was saying:

     “Poison!  Poison!”

     Timmy realised there was poison in the beads on the bracelet.  So he dropped the bracelet.  Then he started screaming and he heard a rumbling sound.

     “The giant is still alive!” Timmy shouted. 

     The giant stomped down the volcano.  Thud!  Thud!  Thud!  He chased Timmy but suddenly the giant fell over.  Then he sank slowly into the earth and lots of dirt covered him.  Grass grew on the dirt so it didn’t look like he was actually there at all.  It looked like a grassy hill.  Every time he looked at the hill he remembered the giant and what happened.