Creative Writing Projects

One-off workshops and visits are a fantastic way to launch an interest in stories and creative writing. My creative writing projects offer an unique opportunity to nurture and develop that enthusiasm into a finished piece of original work.  

Passion For Words

Passion For Words is a six-session creative writing course with each participant having the time to create their own story. We start with finding an idea using different sources of stimuli, then focus on development of character, setting, and conflict, and with an emphasis on powerful and enriching language. I host a one-to-one editing session with each writer and we work together to develop and edit the first draft into a strong piece of work. There's also an opportunity to design a front cover, writer a blurb, and have the story produced as a book. 

These sessions are highly anticipated by the young writers and well received by teachers and parents. Please read recommendations for feedback. Suitable for Y2 upwards.

The Editor

The Editor ia an intense workshop aimed at editing and polishing a piece of work. The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. We use various techniques to understand the theme "driving" our work and how to enrich our choice of language and sentence construction to boost dialogue, tension, and conflict. The workshop can be either a whole-day made up of three session or three individual sessions. Suitable for Y3 upwards. 

If you would like to talk to me about running a workshop in your school please contact me.