St Martin's Primary School

Inspired by Karen’s enthusiasm and creative, multi-sensory approach, the children looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, held during our Thursday afternoon “Enrichment” afternoons. There was clear evidence of what they had learned spilling over into their classroom work as the term progressed. At the end of the sessions, Karen and the children presented the books they had produced to parents who commented on the enthusiasm for writing the workshops had inspired in their children.

Overall, this was a really beneficial and positive experience for all involved and I would highly recommend Karen and her workshops. Karen has returned this year to run two more sets of workshops with similar success.

Children’s comments:
"I most enjoyed listening to the music on the computer.”
“I most enjoyed going to write amazing stories.”
“I learnt that I need to add lots of adjectives and good words.”
“I learnt to make a story plan using bubbles. If you use bubbles it helps you to order your story and you can get your ideas in order.”

Parents’ comments:
“Working in a small group setting has really helped my daughter; she has noticeably started using a wider vocabulary in her writing. She was delighted to have been chosen and it has been a really valuable experience for her. Karen put a lot of effort into giving individual feedback on their writing.”

“I would like to thank the school for this initiative: it was a great opportunity for the children. This experience has given my son a real interest in writing. He is now keen to sit down and write stories of his own. He has also much improved his vocabulary and use of language.The author made the workshop fun and enjoyable. My son enjoyed all the sessions!”

Lisa Lacourarie, literacy leader at St Martin's CofE Primary School, Epsom, Surrey.