Ben and the Spinning Top by Alfie, age 7

Once upon a time there was a boy called Ben.  He loved fishing.  One day he was fishing and he caught a spinning top.  It was multi-coloured and very swirly.  He spun it. 

When he spun it he got sucked into another dimension.  It felt like being in a tornado.  He could feel the wind rushing through his hair.  He fell into another land.  The land had lots of happy people. 

He asked a very happy-looking person, “Where am I?”

They replied, “Happy Land.”

He spun the spinning top and left because all you do is be happy there and he thought he would get bored of it and it didn’t look very fun.  Then he was back at home with his family.

In about two days, Ben spun it again.  This time, everyone was sad.

He asked very sad-looking person, “Where am I?”

They replied, “Sad Land.”

Ben tried to make people happy by telling jokes and trying to make them laugh but it didn’t work.  Then he spun the spinning top again and left.  Then he was at home.  In two more days he spun it again. 

This time he hit the ground so hard he lost the spinning top!  Then he realised he was on a hard hairy monster!  He was as smelly as a pig and smelt like rotten eggs. 

“I don’t think he wants to see me!” said Ben, because the monster was quite angry.

Crack, crack, crack.  The monster stepped on twigs.  Ben tripped the monster up and then he ran away.  He saw a very cute dragon which looked mysterious.  He didn’t know the dragon could talk.

The dragon whispered, “Do you want to be friends?”

Ben quickly said yes because he trusted him.  Then Ben looked behind them.  The monster was chasing them!  The monster chased them and chased them until they came to the sea of monsters.  It sounded like a waterfall crashing on rocks.  The dragon and Ben made a weak wooden canoe.  They started sailing.  At first the sea was not that dangerous but it got worse and worse and worse.

Suddenly, they crashed into hard strong rocks.  Ben said, “This has to be the worst way to die!” 

Then they soon came to an island.  They woke up a ginormous bear. It was smelly and fat and loud.  The bear chased them and chased them and chased them.  Then Ben tripped him up and pushed him down the hill because he thought that was the best way to hurt him.  The bear was never seen again.

Then Ben started crying because he had to go home.  He said goodbye to the dragon and gave him a hug.  Ben spun the swirly spinning top.  Instantly, he was back at home on his soft smooth bed.