As Quiet As A Mouse

Edgar keeps waking up his new baby sister but he can’t help being noisy. Luckily, his friend Ruby has an idea! Can Edgar learn to be as quiet as a mouse? With vibrant illustrations by Evgenia Golubeva.

The book has been translated into Spanish and Afrikaans. 

"This was such a fun story because we saw the elephant try really hard and change from a loud stompy elephant to be as quiet as a mouse - all for the sake of his baby sister! The pictures are so cute and it's got the best of friendship (with the mouse) and family love (for his sister). Great story!" - The Guardian 

"It's a really heartwarming and entertaining story that promotes the values of friendship and perseverance.  I also love the fact that I can usually convince Pierre to play at being as quiet as a mouse for a while after reading it, which gives me some welcome peace and quiet!" - Cheryl & Pierre at Madhouse Family Reviews

"With puns galore, this book will have adults and children roaring with laughter and being told to ssshhh before too long themselves" - Armadillo Magazine 

"If you have a new baby in the house with an older sibling you'll totally relate to As Quiet As A Mouse... I won't ruin the ending, but it's rather funny" - Over 40 and a Mum to One

"...a fun idea that appeals to a child's sense of the absurd" - The Book Bag 

"With a new baby on the way, the girls enjoyed As Quiet As A Mouse. They are practising hard to pass the Quiet Mouse Test, just like Edgar. Although they do sound a lot more like a herd of elephants at the moment. They said they will keep practising!" - This Day I Love

"A lovely story about friendship, and about trying hard and succeeding - well, almost! Simple text and vibrant illustrations make for a very enjoyable read." - Parents In Touch 

"A rather splendid tale about an adorable little elephant who has a bit of a volume problem. As Quiet As A Mouse shows that, once again, Maverick has an eye for publishing some really brilliant books for little ones... Karen and Evgenia have put together a perfect bedtime read" - Read It Daddy

"It's a very gentle book... it allows children to think about the impact of their behaviour on others" - Grapevine 

"An extended joke of a story, winningly illustrated, that will resonate with youngsters in a similar, new sibling situation to Edgar" - Red Reading Hub

"This is a lovely story about friendship and how trying and trying again can help you become better at something. The book is beautifully illustrated with lots of bright colours. I love that the elephants have different patterns on their ears... which offers another talking point with your children as you read the story" - Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy

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